Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blog War Male Cards - Day 2

Hi again bloggers!

Here is another male card to get you all inspired...this one is using a flower stamp but in a way that it still looks good for a guy. I think it was whirlpool bazzill that I used for the base (but any colour fromt he castaway A5 card pack would work wonderfully) and then placed the piece of castaway SB paper on top of that leaving a slight border on left and right. For the tag I stamped cosmos in watermark ink then with my mini mister (filled with water and some walnut stain ink refill) I sprayed the tag very heavily to cover entire tag in the walnut solution. The solution will give a colour over the whole tag but will appear darker on the watermark ink. I then just attached a spiral clip to the tag and stamped a greeting on the background paper with walnut stain distress ink.
Hope you like it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blog War Day 1 - Male Cards

Ok Ladies...I am doing well so far as I have my first card for the week posted!
This card is actually one that I am almost ready to submit to Kaszazz as a demonstration card (so any consultants getting any ideas!!! hehehe).
This card is made using Aspen and Pinecone bazzill, Madero Beach card (Neutrals A5 card pack), green/cream mini gingham and aged copper spiral clip. The image used is 1535LJ Train and this has been stamped in Coffee Bean Vivid! ink.

Hope this gives you all some inspiration for male cards...Father's day is getting close! Be sure to check out the blogs of the other Kaszazz Blog War girls (see blog list on right of this page) for plenty more inspiring ideas.

Happy cardmaking!

No Posts & Blog Wars Starts Again

Hi there everyone!

My oh my I have been slack with my blog lately...let's hope that this time I can post a little more often! I just seem to have been so busy lately with work, craft and Chloe (I can't believe she is 19 months old now!).

Anyway, I am aiming to re-commence the Kaszazz Blog Wars this week so keep an eye out on my blog to see some great creations. Please also be sure to check out the blogs of the other participants.

Hope you are looking forward to some creative inspiration this week with a Male card theme.

Happy Blogging