Monday, March 9, 2009

Vellum week winner

I am giving the vellum for this week to Sarahau
sarahau said...
"Love that card! the softness really makes it. loving the pop of the purple underneath as well."

Well Sarahau contact me before the end of this week with your contact details and I will get yur vellum sent to you! If I have not heard anything by Friday night then I will do a redraw on Saturday.

Thanks everyone for your comments last week and I look forward to many more this week with our Distressed Ink projects. Don't forget to tell your friends about this blog so they can be in the chance to win as well.

Happy Crafting


  1. Hope im not to late - We lost a friend last week so have been a bit distracted! How can I email you?

  2. can you send your email it to my sons gmail addy - im the one that checks it anyway ( was only set up so his friend could email him)